Two Culturally Transformative Companies Converge in Collaboration: Remaking Corporate America To Reflect the New America
July 1, 2020 2:09 AM

The Dual Partnership Aims to Drive Awareness that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Is Not Enough To Save Current Corporations

This week, we’re thrilled to announce that H&S is joining forces with Reframe, an enterprise software as a service technology company, to steer Corporate America toward a transformation that accurately reflects the cultural reality of New America.  

Elizabeth Harrison, our fearless CEO and co-founder and Jeffrey L. Bowman, a former Madison Avenue advertising executive turned tech entrepreneur who is co-founder and CEO of Reframe, formed the partnership created through a co-authored White Paper written primarily by Bowman through his research, pre COVID-19, that uncovered why this integral change is so difficult for organizations.

We sat down with Elizabeth and Jeffrey to discuss why now is the right time for transformation, what success looks like, and what’s exciting about this new partnership:

Why is now the right time for a cultural transformation in Corporate America?

We find ourselves amidst a powerful and necessary conversation around race, ethnicity, gender, culture, and equality that requires expert precision. As a collective group, we have a long history of viewing our trade through a cultural lens and being champions for justice, self-expression, fairness, and diversity. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to share our knowledge with Corporate America across this nation in order to effect meaningful change.

What does this transformation look like to be successful and sustainable?

The traditional approach of the last half century of diversity, equity, and inclusion has missed the mark when it comes to an effective way of integrating Corporate America.  While on the surface, it may seem like the appropriate solution with many adherents pointing to positive anecdotal developments, however, what it leaves out is the endemic structural underpinnings of our culture that require a radical reordering.   As Americans throughout the nation come to grips with how we move forward together in a positive and meaningful direction, it is our aim to assist Corporate America in what happens behind closed door.   By introducing a change management approach to build a workplace for cultural inclusion, early adopters will certainly be on the vanguard of how we move broader society toward outcomes that are both sustainable and scalable.

What excites you most about the Harrison & Shriftman / Reframe partnership?

Finding the exact words.  Striking a genuine tone.  Setting the right example.  Striding toward a better shared future. By joining forces in this effort, H&S and Reframe has forged an incredibly unique community where our shared integral values are welcomed, heard, supported, and implemented.  This cultural lens of championing these human truths have successfully created impactful solutions and award-winning programs on behalf of our partners and throughout our communities that bridge the divide between Corporate America and diverse audiences across the nation.